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If you would like us to use your photo in our header, or a photo and story on our site, please send it along to the editor using the form below.  You may also contact us by email at info@manzanillotoday.com with the same information, indicating your submission type in the subject line.

You will receive credit for the photo and/or story but will assign the rights to Manzanillo Today to use in our online or print publications. Photos and stories must be original, have not been published elsewhere and not be published elsewhere in the future, online or in print. If later published for your personal use, you must include a note saying that the material was first published at www.manzanillotoday.com and wait till it is published on our site first. We will let you know when your photo or other material has been published.

We will review all types of stories for suitability. In particular, we welcome stories about local destinations, shops, services, reviews of restaurants, adventure and travel stories, articles about local charities and public services, etc.

If your story and/or images are more advertorial (advertising editorial) in nature, we will contact you about our advertising rates. Guest posts from other sites and blogs are also welcome.

Photos to be included in the header must be at least 1300 pixels wide, suitable to be cropped to a narrow view and preferably 1300 x 160 exactly.

We thank all contributors and wish to let you know that in some cases material cannot be published on our site for policy reasons. If that is the case for your material, we will let you know. The editor reserves the right to make any necessary and appropriate changes to submitted material.

Thank you!

Manzanillo Today web team